Turn Your Photos into Polished, Professional Masterpieces by Taking Away Unwanted Objects, Retouching for Added Vibrancy & through Advanced Background Management.

The Easiest Way to Get Photoshop Results! No Prior Experience Needed.

Clicks That Make You the Talk of Social Media & Preserve Your Cherished Memories:

Filters can only do so much.

And more robust tools are too complicated for casual users to master.

Do you want your pictures to tell eloquent stories without needing to spend hours in Photoshop?

Photo Clip by InPixio is the simple, intuitive affordable solution that ticks all the checkboxes.

No Precision Efforts Needed. Completely Natural & Seamless! Instant Sharing for Viral Appreciation.

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Remember Only What Enthralled You:

Don’t let stray birds spoil your wedding moment of glory. You don’t have to make do with the tourist hogging your background in historic Rome. And you can most definitely erase the broken sand castles distracting from your beach body.

Photo Clip removes unwanted objects and people from your pictures – letting your digital memories be as pristine as your real ones.

Tedious outlining and cropping of items are a thing of the past.

With Photo Clip objects on a monochrome background are erased in one click. For trickier placements the solution identifies rogue pixels and covers them with pixels from the surroundings giving you an image that’s gorgeous yet looks completely untampered.

Background Management that isn’t Just for Pro Editors:

Backgrounds make or break a click. And no number of filters can cover one that isn’t flattering or attractive.

With Photo Clip you can erase your existing background or transport your image to a completely different setting giving the impression of being somewhere else.

All without hazy edges, pixel bleed or difference in image quality.

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Filters & Effects Galore:

Want to go the whole way? The Photo Clip premium version comes packed with 100 plus effects and advanced filters that you can’t find in free photo editing apps. Go for the vintage look, highlight special memories or give your images a fantasy cast. Never spend a dollar on photo retouching again.

Dedicated Support. Regular Updates. Multi-System Compatibility.

This is What You Can Do with Photo Clip

An Affordable, Intuitive Photo Editing Solution That Allows Even First Time Users to Mimic Professional Finesse.

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